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Workshops & Trainings

As on-site events, I also offer further education and development in workshop and training formats.



Workshops are a great way to get in touch with topics and gain an idea, inspiration or initial experience.

I offer these in group settings.

Topics can be diverse, such as communication skills, mindfulness, self-care, relationship to one's own body and experience, etc.

For further information or a specific request, please get in touch with me. I will be happy to advise you and tailor my approach to your needs.


To delve deeper into a topic and to train and develop skills and competences in a subject area in a targeted and systematic way, more extensive training courses are available.

Here too, the topics can be varied. If you are interested or have an existing concern, please contact me for further information and advice.

These are also group settings, whether in companies, organisations or privately.

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