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Offers & Services

My work includes the video-based accompaniment and support of clients with various topics and issues in the form of counseling and coaching sessions in individual settings. It is possible to attend sessions in German or English.


One session lasts 50 minutes. The rate per session is 150 Euro,19% VAT included. At the moment, my offers are exclusively directed at self-payers. Basically, legal insurances as well as many private insurances do not cover the costs of a purely video-based psychotherapy at the moment and demand a minimum of real contacts as well as an on-site being of the practitioner, which is why I have developed in the direction of consulting and coaching work. In this work I draw on many tools and aspects of my basic psychotherapeutic training as well as professional experience and knowledge.

A clarification of terms for general orientation: 


Psychotherapy refers to the targeted treatment of mental or psychologically induced physical disorders through consciously planned, professional therapeutic talks and exercises. A mental disorder worthy of treatment exists when there is either increased suffering, impairment in everyday life or, in rare cases, an increased risk of fatal self-harm (e.g. suicidal tendencies in depression, malnutrition in eating disorders or delusions). 


Coaching involves structured conversations to accompany the development of individual solutions, topics and questions. In contrast to psychotherapy, however, the issues that affect you are not disorders that require treatment. The goals in this area are manifold - from the development of personal competencies and perspectives, promotion of self-reflection to conflict management skills. 

Together we develop a deeper understanding of your issue as well as appropriate solutions.


Structured counseling sessions aim to solve one or more problems. This may involve sharing information, but also helping people take action or refrain from taking action, working through problems, clarifying issues, or making decisions.

I offer counseling in areas including partnerships, parenting, systemic counseling, life coaching, and pastoral care. In difference to a psychotherapy it deals with topics without mental disorder with disease value. Nevertheless, the content and methods used in counseling cannot be completely separated from those of psychotherapy.

Are you unsure which service is suitable for you? We can find out together. I will be happy to advise you in a first session!


My work is based on a basic training in behavioural therapy, from which I use a number of tools and knowledge. In addition, I follow a more integrative approach - I like to take up theories and intervention possibilities of various disciplines and currents. This includes, for example, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness theory, PBSP and many more (see also the list of methods below). I adapt the methods to your individual needs. On the one hand I rely on my experience and intuition, on the other hand it is important to me to exchange ideas at eye level and to develop solutions together with you. In this way, you are accompanied by me in a suitable way, can help shape your process and maintain your autonomy.



My work is also characterised by the promotion of attentive self-awareness, self-perception and self-experience. This enables you to better perceive, understand and come closer to yourself. If necessary, old strategies and motives as well as underlying hurt emotional basic needs can be uncovered. I am happy to accompany you in dealing with this. Following on from this, it can be a matter of making new corrective experiences. In a joint process we can develop possibilities for this.


In principle, a body- and experience-oriented approach is important to me in my work. This means learning to perceive and understand oneself and one's own feelings and sensations in a mindful way. It is important to use these as they point the way for you. It also means discovering new experiences in a tangible way. Experiences on several levels, rather than purely cognitive, have a far greater and lasting learning and change effect.


All in all, I start from a humanistic view of man, according to which the solution and competences already lie within you. In the treatment we thus strive for an unfolding and further development of your own self.


Here you can see an overview of the methods and tools I use for my work:

  • Mindfulness techniques

  • Working with inner parts

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Emotion-focused therapy

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Humanistic methods

  • Imaginative and hypnotherapeutic approaches

  • Inner child work

  • Integrative approaches

  • Body- and experience-oriented approaches (e.g. PBSP)

  • Clarification-oriented approach

  • Classical methods of cognitive behavioural therapy

  • Self-management and time management

  • Self-esteem strengthening methods

  • Resilience and burnout prophylaxis

  • Interactional skills training

  • Values work


Here you can see an overview of the topics I accompany in processes:


  • General psychological problems, life issues, crises and questions

  • Upcoming important decisions or changes

  • Fears 

  • Adaptation reactions to changes

  • Alienation of needs

  • Burnout, exhaustion & stress disorders

  • Enhancing relationships and dealing with oneself

  • Psychosomatic complaints

  • Resilience, burnout prevention & self-esteem

  • relationship issues (family, friendship, partnership, professional)

  • Sleep disorders

  • Pain

  • Sexuality

  • Difficult situations in professional or personal life

  • Grief

  • Violence, experiences of abuse

  • Dissatisfaction with certain areas of one's own personality such as performance orientation, ability to deal with conflict, etc.

  • Work-life balance

  • Desire for personal development


The lists are only an overview and part of the offer. If you bring a different topic, are unsure whether it can be worked on and would like support, I am happy to discuss it with you.


In addition, I continue to educate myself through further training, seminars, self-study and exchange in intervision as well as supervision groups in order to ensure and promote the quality of my performance.


My offers are directed to all people of any age, ethnic origin, sexual and religious orientation, with the most diverse topics and concerns.

Please note only the following: If you are in an acute psychosis, mania, addiction or mood with acute suicidal tendencies, I recommend contacting local therapy options or a specialized hospital, as a purely video-based treatment is insufficient in this case. This also applies to symptoms with pathological value, for which proper psychotherapy is indicated. Due to the currently existing professional regulations in Germany, I am not allowed to perform a classical psychotherapy exclusively video-based or from abroad. If you are unsure about what is the right offer for you, I will be happy to advise you in an initial consultation.

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