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Hanna Epping

About me

Hanna Epping,
M. Sc. psychologist,
licensed psychological psychotherapist,
consultant & coach

"Follow your heart"

Early in my life I developed a deep interest in other people's life stories, how they feel and what moves them. But I first had to take a few detours to realize that psychology was my path and to pursue this inner quest. After successfully completing my master's degree, I trained as a psychological psychotherapist specializing in behavioral therapy. At the same time, I expanded my competencies by working in various therapeutic, psychiatric, inpatient as well as outpatient settings. After my license to practice and the completion of my training as a therapist, my joy in outpatient work, in which I can accompany and assist people individually on their life's journey, solidified. 

Since I myself love to travel and other people also need more flexibility due to their life situation, video-based counseling and coaching became increasingly attractive to me. I am happy to be able to reach you as well through these developments and to support you with my skills and competences.

Privately, I draw energy and joie de vivre from activities around water and dancing. I also value and cultivate a caring approach to myself as well as deep and fulfilling relationships with my fellow human beings, friends and family.

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